BioAsia Healthcare Devthon

The BioAsia Healthcare Devthon which started on January 10, concluded on February 4th, with the showcase phase at Hyderabad International Convention Centre during the 2015 BioAsia conference. In this phase, teams took the opportunity to present their prototypes to a wide audience of individuals and organizations from the life sciences and healthcare fields.

Of the 7 prototypes, 3 teams took home the grant totaling ₹2,00,000/-

Here’s a gist of the 3 teams that bagged the grant.

An algorithm that converts gray scale ultrasound images into colour graphics making ultrasound based diagnosis more accurate and efficient. The software is optimized to provide a dynamic view of ultrasound images allowing users to highlight regions in an image, filter by color, filter by region, magnify a region or highlight portions of an image.

Smart Peak Flow Meter
An asthma management compliance with an electronic peak flow meter that can be low cost and work with the cell phone using the microphone and light source. It is a low cost portable electronic device that comes with an app which records history of readings for further analysis without the patient having to take note of the readings.

Self feeding utensil for amputees
A low cost easy-to-use end-to-end system that assists individuals with permanent movement problems to feed themselves without struggling for coordination. It assists individuals with cerebral palsy and motor neuron diseases who face a hard time feeding themselves and are dependent on someone to help.