Urban Challenges

The last edition of 2013, was a special one for all of us. The 0.6 edition brought together design & tech hackers on a platform with urban enthusiasts and experts to undertake problem statements from the repository.

Devthon was part of the two-day urban techno-arts festival, Do Din, where it organized the hackspace. In the 2 days, the hackspace enabled the doers to take up problem statements related to urban challenges that came from the conversations & ideas from the talks/discussion space.

Two ideas were sparked off,
1. GHMC Road Repairs Inspection portal (Github)

2. Urban Transportation challenge (Github)

Two other projects proposed were,

1. Rainwater harvesting data collection portal

2. Mapping Memories project

Both these proposals are open for ownership.

Ideas were invited to post them on the proposal board.

Some were overwhelmed with them,

More photos in the following albums,

Devthon: Special Edition album (ow.ly/rNqRO)
OpenStreetMap workshop (ow.ly/rNqTr)

The edition ended with a comprehensive hands-on workshop OpenStreetMap hosted by Arun Ganesh in the hackspace.