0.4: Action, Collaboration and a weekend of fun

The 4th edition of Devthon on October 5–6, 2013 brought in hackers and designers to take all their ideas into action! And we finally got in a couple of Raspberry Pi boards. Amidst lot of fun and showcase, We had some young tinkerers, and some younger visitors to cheer us up! Danish introduced his Raspberry Pi to everyone. He wanted to get started by setting up a streaming server. It […]

Event Report:Bangalore, June 8–9

June 8–9 was tinkering time with the first edition of Devthon in Bangalore in Microsoft Accelerator. Brilliant minds came together to explore and hack on data, photography, language processing, governance, hardware and more! Gokul who loves data, worked on scraping some off the Karnataka election results website and figuring out if the KJP + BJP union would have really enabled them to win in the recent elections. You can read […]