10 lessons on ideas & innovation through Guy Kawasaki’s Q&A

About an hour back, Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley author, speaker, investor and business advisor, announced a Q&A on his Facebook account. The session brings in a lot of lessons for young hackers to pursue innovation. Here are 10 lessons we derived, along with links to each learning. Kindly note each link leads to the same Q&A session but a different question. Innovation is creating things before people ask them […]

Hack a Fabric into a women’s purse

Here’s something for fabric lovers to get started with their old denim or fabric which is difficult to throw away. You can turn any piece of cloth into utility as shown in this tutorial. The quick tutorial on wikiHow, is created by multiple collaborators and can be found here. There are also tips on how to make it look prettier. An interesting hack would be a men’s wallet using denim. […]

An inexpensive way to make your smartphone into a 175x microscope

Instructable user Yoshinok has come up a brilliant hack to convert a smartphone into a powerful microscope using inexpensive material that can be purchased from a hardware store. This setup can be built using some bolts, nuts, washers, plywood and plexiglass. The most important material for this setup is the focus lens from a laser pointer that enables the magnification. The setup will be able magnify up to 175x which […]

Hacking as a tradition and for fun

One of the interesting traditions at MIT, that began in 1989, was clever, benign, and “ethical” pranks or practical jokes, which are both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the world. These pranks came to be known as hacks among the community. This new form of urban exploration or urban hacking, although not sanctioned by the university, was well received by everyone. It denotes that, as long as any […]

Why Devthon?

We have been cringing at the way hackathons are being conducted left right and center. Many of them are baits for hiring, others are aimed at mass manufacture of startups or product ideas. None of them focusing on the spirit of “hacking”, which has fundamentally to do with “fun & exploration”. Somewhere down the lane “hacking” has become synonymous with software but it is not (http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html). Devthon is aimed at […]