Featured Hack: A faster way to find stores in a shopping mall

Imran Parvez, a design hacker sparked off his idea at the 0.4 edition. His idea was to create a way to move around shopping malls while finding stores quicker. We’re somehow convinced that this problem statement came after Imran spent a day in the shopping mall with his girlfriend 😉 He wanted to be able to make something for shoppers to be able to navigate easily in a huge shopping mall, […]

Tinkering with Spatial Data to solve a Geography puzzle

Todd Schneider, who went on a recent road trip has used the R project to work on an interesting spatial challenge that finds out the most “concave” state in the US. The R project is a free environment for statistics and graphics. The problem statement was to find the 2 points such that, a) both the points are in the same state, b) a straight line connecting them crosses most […]

Visualizing Demographic Data on Maps

In his latest project, Gokul, tinkered over the last weekend on bringing geographical context to sex ratio data in India through the use of the data-driven javascript library D3.js and the use of SVG. He started working around data visualizations through the Karnataka election results website in the 2nd edition of Devthon using the Tableau software. He captured observations from the rendering and also mentions that, “there is a lot […]