An X PRIZE Think Tank in Hyderabad to identify and solve moonshot challenges

Collab House, a collaborative community space in Hyderabad where makers meet, which proposed to host the X PRIZE Think Tank, hosted the first meet, here in Hyderabad on March 1st, 2015. The meet was anchored by Devthon, an innovation platform which is working towards bringing people together to create an impact in health, energy, education, agriculture and many other fields. The X PRIZE Think Tank Hyderabad will bring together innovators, […]

5 Things to Remember for Real Innovation

During the second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon, we had some great speakers and mentors who helped participants delve into the design thinking process. Speakers included Dheeraj Batra, from DLabs, Indian School of Business, Honey Bajaj of Dr. Reddy’s Labs and Dhruv from L V Prasad Innovation Centre. The following 5 points are a mix of what we heard from all these speakers, who are innovators in their own […]

A Timeline of Second Phase of the Bio Asia Devthon

Following up on our previous post about the immersion experience for our participants. The second phase was all about designing and brainstorming. The second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon took place of the 17th of January. The purpose of the second phase was to fine tune the ideas generated from the immersion phase and to form teams to prepare for the prototype readiness. A more than half-a-day’s affair, it […]

Technologies that assist in better safeguarding communities

Last weekend, Safety Devthon’s prototype and build phase was hosted, with the support of Cyberabad Security Council and Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, to enable and facilitate solutions for safer communities and neighbourhoods. Police officers also participated by assisting teams address pressing issues that first responders and citizens face in urban spaces and communities. They came together to provide insights and feedback to the participants. AirCops brought in a lot of excitement […]

Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis

We’re excited to announce the Smart Cities IoT Devthon for Metropolis, hosted in association with HYSEA and the Telangana Academy of Skills & Knowledge (TASK) on October 4th & 5th to enable technologies that will pave way to smarter cities for a better living. The hackathon, with the theme of Smart Cities & IoT, is a platform to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals consisting of engineers, designers, developers, […]

An inexpensive way to make your smartphone into a 175x microscope

Instructable user Yoshinok has come up a brilliant hack to convert a smartphone into a powerful microscope using inexpensive material that can be purchased from a hardware store. This setup can be built using some bolts, nuts, washers, plywood and plexiglass. The most important material for this setup is the focus lens from a laser pointer that enables the magnification. The setup will be able magnify up to 175x which […]