Hacking as a tradition and for fun

One of the interesting traditions at MIT, that began in 1989, was clever, benign, and “ethical” pranks or practical jokes, which are both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the world. These pranks came to be known as hacks among the community. This new form of urban exploration or urban hacking, although not sanctioned by the university, was well received by everyone. It denotes that, as long as any […]

Tinkering and Innovation at 0.3

August 10 and 11 was a creation weekend in Hyderabad where hackers with ideas came down to collaborate and get their ideas into execution mode. In this edition, we arranged for expert talks by introducing Karthi Subbaraman, a Design Thinker, who shared her experiences on Design thinking & innovation, through an example. Our expert facilitators, Tulsi Dharmarajan, UX specialist and Adi Narayana Vemuru, lean product guy, continued to assist the […]