True Fun and Innovation is out here

This guest post is by Febin John James. He is currently working on his startup Boutline where he is the Director & Co-Founder. You and hackathons? I love hackathons. I have been to many hackathons in Bangalore. I am always on the lookout for something to try new things and meet new people. But, for the first time I saw something different in one of the portals. It was called […]

Movies, Books and Breaking Bad in Devthon@EFLU

Deriving from the innovation culture of Devthon, students of the Computational Linguistics department were part of the Devthon@Campus edition in Hyderabad, India hosted by the department from the English and Foreign Languages University. A diverse mix of brilliant minds congregated on February 1st to solve problem statements that were discussed through the week. It started with Indranil introducing the format, followed by Sugandh giving a primer on NLP and introducing […]

Why Devthon?

We have been cringing at the way hackathons are being conducted left right and center. Many of them are baits for hiring, others are aimed at mass manufacture of startups or product ideas. None of them focusing on the spirit of “hacking”, which has fundamentally to do with “fun & exploration”. Somewhere down the lane “hacking” has become synonymous with software but it is not ( Devthon is aimed at […]