0.5: Ideas driven to action and exploration

In this edition, we’ve started listing awesome hacks that have been driven into action. We discovered an amazing food place and arranged for the healthiest lunch and dinner. Hackers went artful & innovative with enamel paint. A few of them continued with the design of a legible bus route board. There was a beautiful midnight session by @novogeek on Typescript, a typed version of Javascript. All of us wished hard […]

Exploration, Ideas & Innovation

There’s a very interesting story as to how the Global Positioning System came into existence. In 1957, when the Sputnik was launched, the Russians made it very easy to track it by installing a 20MHz transmitter into it. Two physicists at the Applied Physics Laboratory wanted to ‘geek out’ by monitoring the transmissions. While hacking around they realized that due to the frequency changes they could use Doppler effect to […]