5 Things to Remember for Real Innovation

During the second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon, we had some great speakers and mentors who helped participants delve into the design thinking process. Speakers included Dheeraj Batra, from DLabs, Indian School of Business, Honey Bajaj of Dr. Reddy’s Labs and Dhruv from L V Prasad Innovation Centre. The following 5 points are a mix of what we heard from all these speakers, who are innovators in their own […]

Introducing the Idea Discovery Weekend!

In the last one year, Devthon has seen innovations ranging from urban transportation for sustainable cities to smart stoves for hazard-free homes. All of them were addressing real world challenges. We’ve seen proof of concepts, well thought designs and awesome prototypes. Through the journey and insights, we found that there was a need for a platform to discover ideas, research challenges and draft possible solutions. This week, we are excited […]

Redesgining bookmarks for more than pages

Paperlux, a design studio in Hamburg, Germany is reinventing the bookmark as we know it. This redesign was made forArjo Wiggins, a company that produces paper products. Conventional bookmarks only allow you to mark a page of a book that you’re reading, but most often you have to browse through the page to get back to the line you were reading. These new bookmarks can also mark the lines where […]

An Arduino based mini laser cutter

Here’s another gem for the hardware lovers to hack during a devthon. SilverJimny, from instructables, has gone on to create a tiny microcontroller-driven laser cutter using an Arduino UNO, a laser diode, drive and a few wires. In this project called a Microslice, SilverJimny used a larger 50W CO2 laser cutter to carve out pieces for the smaller one but this can also be fabricate using a lathe machine. The […]

A guide to Star Trek uniforms [Infographic]

Here’s something for the Star Trek fans. Costume Supercenter has created a guide to the uniforms of various Star Trek series and movies. Here’s the list: Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: Original Cast Original Cast: Movies The Next Generation The Next Generation: Movies Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Voyager [via Visually] Originally Published on October 28, 2013