Public Data Devthon Pre-Event at Lamakaan

The event was titled ‘A presentation on Insights into Government Data & Information.’ Rakesh Dubbudu, founder of FACTLY spoke in detail about the opportunities and possibilities that Open Data offered in India. The event was attended by more than 35 participants who were excited to take home some important learnings and contribute to the Open Data movement. Rakesh started his talk by asking few questions to the audience, like: Q. […]

Guest Post: Hacking into Karnataka Election Results Website

This is a guest post by Gokul, who is a web enthusiast learning to do all things the open-source way. He writes about latest trends in web and social media. He works as a Drupal Architect for Azri Solutions. “Statistics hide more than what they reveal” — I could related to the meaning of this quote after coming across a post election results number crunching done by an analyst. It all started […]