Introducing the Idea Discovery Weekend!

In the last one year, Devthon has seen innovations ranging from urban transportation for sustainable cities to smart stoves for hazard-free homes. All of them were addressing real world challenges. We’ve seen proof of concepts, well thought designs and awesome prototypes. Through the journey and insights, we found that there was a need for a platform to discover ideas, research challenges and draft possible solutions. This week, we are excited […]

Event Report: Hyderabad, March 30–31

The first Devthon edition was organized in Hyderabad on March 30–31. The 36-hour event was organized in a Hackspace sponsored by Azri Solutions. The invitees started arriving from 7am and check-in began. With more than 30 invitees ready, the discussion and hacking started at at 8.30am. The participants started giving brief introductions about their projects and those who were interested, could join. There was a constant buzz around and the […]