An Arduino based mini laser cutter

Here’s another gem for the hardware lovers to hack during a devthon. SilverJimny, from instructables, has gone on to create a tiny microcontroller-driven laser cutter using an Arduino UNO, a laser diode, drive and a few wires. In this project called a Microslice, SilverJimny used a larger 50W CO2 laser cutter to carve out pieces for the smaller one but this can also be fabricate using a lathe machine. The […]

Build your own 8x8x8 LED 3D display

With the introduction of open source hardware, the internet has been pooling up with fun projects to tinker around using hardware components. One such is the LED 8x8x8 cube project that is an array of LEDs to create beautiful visual display by timing the LEDs. Being digital, this project is easier to implement than using analog. The LEDs are multiplexed and controlled in an array using a microcontroller. More details […]