0.4: Action, Collaboration and a weekend of fun

The 4th edition of Devthon on October 5–6, 2013 brought in hackers and designers to take all their ideas into action! And we finally got in a couple of Raspberry Pi boards. Amidst lot of fun and showcase, We had some young tinkerers, and some younger visitors to cheer us up! Danish introduced his Raspberry Pi to everyone. He wanted to get started by setting up a streaming server. It […]

Visualization of the Indian Railways network using D3

Kenneth and Shweta, students of Information and Interface Design at the National Institute of Design in Bangalore have designed the concept and created a visualization of the Indian railway networks using D3. The Indian railways is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km (71,000 mi) of track over a route of 65,000 km (40,000 mi) and 7,500 stations. It transports more than 25 million passengers everyday. That […]

Google Datasets to tinker around Data processing and Visaulizations

For the benefit of the community, Google has released various datasets over years of data collection & scaling and training corpora of public web pages. Some of them are, Co-occurrence of words for word n-gram model training Job queue traces from Google clusters 800M documents annotated with Freebase entities 40M disambiguated mentions in 10M web pages linked to Wikipedia entities Human-judged corpus of binary relations about Wikipedia public figures Wikipedia […]

Build your own 8x8x8 LED 3D display

With the introduction of open source hardware, the internet has been pooling up with fun projects to tinker around using hardware components. One such is the LED 8x8x8 cube project that is an array of LEDs to create beautiful visual display by timing the LEDs. Being digital, this project is easier to implement than using analog. The LEDs are multiplexed and controlled in an array using a microcontroller. More details […]

Tinkering with Spatial Data to solve a Geography puzzle

Todd Schneider, who went on a recent road trip has used the R project to work on an interesting spatial challenge that finds out the most “concave” state in the US. The R project is a free environment for statistics and graphics. The problem statement was to find the 2 points such that, a) both the points are in the same state, b) a straight line connecting them crosses most […]

Using Javascript to simulate raindrops falling on a window

Javascript developer Marek Brodziak has created a script for simulating raindrops falling on a glass surface. The project called rainyday.js gets very close to real raindrops falling on a window when rendered on the browser. The script is released under GNU GPL v2 license that can be forked and tinkering around with. Below are GIFs of the falling raindrops. Also check out demo 1 and demo 2. [via Github] Originally […]

Effective Traffic Program for Emergency Response Vehicles

Viney Kumar, a student from Australia, has proposed an early warning system to ease the passage of Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) in traffic. The inspiration for this project was “seeing an ambulance in India stuck in traffic.” The solution considers the audibility of sirens, lack of visual cues and noisy traffic-choked areas The solution that was prototyped, built and tested, used an Android phone that communicates the ERV’s path to […]

Visualizing Demographic Data on Maps

In his latest project, Gokul, tinkered over the last weekend on bringing geographical context to sex ratio data in India through the use of the data-driven javascript library D3.js and the use of SVG. He started working around data visualizations through the Karnataka election results website in the 2nd edition of Devthon using the Tableau software. He captured observations from the rendering and also mentions that, “there is a lot […]

Tinkering and Innovation at 0.3

August 10 and 11 was a creation weekend in Hyderabad where hackers with ideas came down to collaborate and get their ideas into execution mode. In this edition, we arranged for expert talks by introducing Karthi Subbaraman, a Design Thinker, who shared her experiences on Design thinking & innovation, through an example. Our expert facilitators, Tulsi Dharmarajan, UX specialist and Adi Narayana Vemuru, lean product guy, continued to assist the […]

Guest Post: Hacking into Karnataka Election Results Website

This is a guest post by Gokul, who is a web enthusiast learning to do all things the open-source way. He writes about latest trends in web and social media. He works as a Drupal Architect for Azri Solutions. “Statistics hide more than what they reveal” — I could related to the meaning of this quote after coming across a post election results number crunching done by an analyst. It all started […]