Safety Devthon, a place of many opportunities

We’re only 2 days away from the first of its kind edition. And we’re excited to enable the best outcomes. In this edition, you won’t just be working on safety challenges but also get to build a prototype with insights from police officers who work on field. That got us to list down other opportunities that this edition brings for startups, individuals and bright minds. Here are a few. Working […]

The first step towards safer communities

Yesterday marked the primary phase of the Safety Devthon, where participants came together to understand challenges and to move towards making our cities and communities safer. Police officers, from constables to senior inspectors participated in helping them understand how they’re currently using technology to safeguard our communities and workplaces. The event started with a brainstorming of ideas to improve the way we look at safety for individuals in communities and […]

An exciting pre-event: SMart Cities Devthon for Metropolis

Yesterday, we gathered individuals participating in the Devthon for Metropolis on October 4th and 5th to brainstorm, shape ideas into problem statements and draft solutions. Our facilitators helped them answer the most critical question, “What defines a Smart City?” Participants went on to create concrete solutions which they will be working on during the weekend. And immediately after the pre-event some of them headed out to scout for hardware they […]

Pre-event to shape ideas for Smart CIties Devthon

As a part of the Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis next weekend, we’re putting together a pre-event tomorrow at IIIT Hyderabad. This pre-event is to help participants and other individuals shape their ideas into well drafted problem statements. It will help you gear up for the the Devthon. Here are the details: Venue: CIE, Events Room, Vindhya C4 Building, IIITH, Gachibowli, Hyderabad (map)Date/Time: September 27, 10am — 2pm (Saturday, tomorrow)Agenda: Meet other […]

Resources at Devthon for Metropolis

Two weeks back we announced the Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis. We’re thrilled to see engineers, urban researchers, designers, architects and citizens respond with brilliant ideas to build a smarter cities, from collecting data about roads to improving waste management. We’ve another exciting announcement! We are bringing in cool devices for all of you to build your smart city ideas on. Here’s a list of them — ARDrone quadcopter, Leap Motion, iBeacons, […]

Smart Cities Devthon for Metropolis

We’re excited to announce the Smart Cities IoT Devthon for Metropolis, hosted in association with HYSEA and the Telangana Academy of Skills & Knowledge (TASK) on October 4th & 5th to enable technologies that will pave way to smarter cities for a better living. The hackathon, with the theme of Smart Cities & IoT, is a platform to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals consisting of engineers, designers, developers, […]

#UberInnovate this weekend!

Not sure how to get around during morning traffic on weekends? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to announce our partnership with Uber Hyderabad who are providing a free ride exclusively for the Hackspace. So go ahead and register for Idea Discovery Weekend, here. Uber is a mobile app that lets you request a safe and stylish ride within minutes. The service is round the clock and it […]

Introducing the Idea Discovery Weekend!

In the last one year, Devthon has seen innovations ranging from urban transportation for sustainable cities to smart stoves for hazard-free homes. All of them were addressing real world challenges. We’ve seen proof of concepts, well thought designs and awesome prototypes. Through the journey and insights, we found that there was a need for a platform to discover ideas, research challenges and draft possible solutions. This week, we are excited […]

True Fun and Innovation is out here

This guest post is by Febin John James. He is currently working on his startup Boutline where he is the Director & Co-Founder. You and hackathons? I love hackathons. I have been to many hackathons in Bangalore. I am always on the lookout for something to try new things and meet new people. But, for the first time I saw something different in one of the portals. It was called […]

Movies, Books and Breaking Bad in Devthon@EFLU

Deriving from the innovation culture of Devthon, students of the Computational Linguistics department were part of the Devthon@Campus edition in Hyderabad, India hosted by the department from the English and Foreign Languages University. A diverse mix of brilliant minds congregated on February 1st to solve problem statements that were discussed through the week. It started with Indranil introducing the format, followed by Sugandh giving a primer on NLP and introducing […]