Public Data Devthon Pre-Event at Lamakaan

The event was titled ‘A presentation on Insights into Government Data & Information.’ Rakesh Dubbudu, founder of FACTLY spoke in detail about the opportunities and possibilities that Open Data offered in India. The event was attended by more than 35 participants who were excited to take home some important learnings and contribute to the Open Data movement. Rakesh started his talk by asking few questions to the audience, like: Q. […]

Affordable Peak Flow Meter

Each year, billions of dollars are invested in R&D by various global companies to find new cures for ailments. But these advanced medical facilities are out of reach for people from economically weak backgrounds, especially the majority of rural population in India. There is a serious shortage of inexpensive medical care devices designed for use in rural areas. This leads to prevalence of untreated diseases and occurrence of lakhs of […]

Wearable ACL Tear Detector

Did you know that the knee is the largest joint in the body, and one of the most easily injured? Among Indians, one of the most common injuries is Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear that affects the knee. ACL is also responsible for providing almost 90% of the stability to the knee joint. Our goal was to create a device that could accurately measure the pressure being applied to the knee. The […]

Personalized Robotic Feeder

Physically disabled people have a hard time in getting even their basic needs completed. They are heavily dependent on a caregiver for help. Disabled people with weak motor skills don’t have any independence in doing their daily activities. There is a lot of scope for technology to assist them in having better lives, but so far little progress has been made. As of 2011, there were 26 million disabled people […]

Interactive Data Visualizations

There is a huge amount of data in the public domain in India. Each government department has piles of data that they have been recording over the decades. Much of it is not digitized and considered useless. The has been an increase in the quantity and quality of data that has been collected over the years. But, unfortunately the majority of the population is not aware of the treasure that […]

An X PRIZE Think Tank in Hyderabad to identify and solve moonshot challenges

Collab House, a collaborative community space in Hyderabad where makers meet, which proposed to host the X PRIZE Think Tank, hosted the first meet, here in Hyderabad on March 1st, 2015. The meet was anchored by Devthon, an innovation platform which is working towards bringing people together to create an impact in health, energy, education, agriculture and many other fields. The X PRIZE Think Tank Hyderabad will bring together innovators, […]

5 Things to Remember for Real Innovation

During the second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon, we had some great speakers and mentors who helped participants delve into the design thinking process. Speakers included Dheeraj Batra, from DLabs, Indian School of Business, Honey Bajaj of Dr. Reddy’s Labs and Dhruv from L V Prasad Innovation Centre. The following 5 points are a mix of what we heard from all these speakers, who are innovators in their own […]

A Timeline of Second Phase of the Bio Asia Devthon

Following up on our previous post about the immersion experience for our participants. The second phase was all about designing and brainstorming. The second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon took place of the 17th of January. The purpose of the second phase was to fine tune the ideas generated from the immersion phase and to form teams to prepare for the prototype readiness. A more than half-a-day’s affair, it […]

The Immersion Phase of Bio Asia Healthcare Devthon

This is the first of a series of blog posts about the Bioasia Healthcare Devthon currently on. The first ( immersion) and the second ( ideation and design thinking) phases of the devthon are over and there are a good number of interesting ideas and teams that are ready to prototype. The industry immersion phase of the Bio Asia Healthcare Devthon kickstarted on the 10th of Jan and the second […]

Technologies that assist in better safeguarding communities

Last weekend, Safety Devthon’s prototype and build phase was hosted, with the support of Cyberabad Security Council and Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, to enable and facilitate solutions for safer communities and neighbourhoods. Police officers also participated by assisting teams address pressing issues that first responders and citizens face in urban spaces and communities. They came together to provide insights and feedback to the participants. AirCops brought in a lot of excitement […]