Opportunities & Challenges List

Opportunity & Challenges Vertical
Traffic monitoring and data collection using aerial surveyUrban challenges
Tracking garbage truck routes in the cityUrban challenges
Detecting and collecting data on road damagesUrban challenges
Reduction of Electricity consumption, using IoT and Mobile Devices.Urban challenges
Patient compliance monitoringBio Asia
App-enabled support groups for chronic conditionsBio Asia
Innovations in patient data portability and retrievalBio Asia
Remote patient monitoringBio Asia
Cell-phone based diagnosticsBio Asia
Appointment scheduling and doctor referralsBio Asia
Low cost, robust medical and diagnostic devices that can function in resource-poor settingsBio Asia
Telemedicine modelsBio Asia
Cell-phone based applications for ordering pharmacyBio Asia
Cell-phone based applications for medicine complianceBio Asia
Retinal Scans / Eye ScansBio Asia
Skin diagnosis/Trichology diagnosis like a derma appBio Asia
Eyesight measurementBio Asia
A quick patient profile creator for Doctors to track and maintainBio Asia
Medicine barcode scanner and layman explainator.Bio Asia
Better atmosphere monitoring system in patient’s room for fast recovery.Bio Asia
Affordable and reliable devices for maternal and neonatal healthcareBio Asia
Using advances in medical imaging technology to make ultrasound based diagnosis more accurate and efficient, inadvertently reducing the cost of medical devices and equipment.Bio Asia
Another underlying challenge for any problem statement is to know what portion of the solution is going to be cloud enabled (think storing data in a cloud server) and what portion of their solution is in the handheld/portable medical device.Bio Asia
Using non invasive circulatory biomarkers CBMs (exosomes, cell free DNA) to enable real-time monitoring of cancers and other pathological conditions. Bio Asia
Telemedicine Services for better reach in rural areas.Bio Asia
Low cost endoscopy using cellphone camera and light sourceBio Asia
Asthma management compliance with an electronic peak flow meter that can be low cost and work with the cell phone using the microphone and light sourceBio Asia
Biggest problem rural India faces is potable (drinking) water & Urban population faces alcoholism and preventable aspects. Enough tools are available, but we are shunning ourselves in the name of apps?Bio Asia
Analyzing the GHMC budget data to look at cost of different works for the city.Open Data
co-relate MMTS + TSRTC timetables to plan multi-modal timetables for city tripsOpen Data
Look at parking violations in the city to identify most offence spots and suggest parking spots for GHMC to reduce violationsOpen Data
Predict Water levels in reservoirs of Hyderabad based on rainfall predictions.Open Data
Build a map based tool to geotag buildings with the necessary building occupancy certificates, sewage connection certificate, electricity meter number and all associated data to look for fraud/violations.Open Data
Identify number of illegal buildings in the city using LANDSAT satellite imagery or number of buildings from openstreetmap co-relating with property tax data.Open Data
Look into outliers in water bills data to identify fraud by tampering with water meters.Open Data
Identify performance of govt schools in comparison to private schools in Hyderabad using schoolreports.in dataOpen Data
Look into anomalies of garbage collection using GPS data from garbage trucks.Open Data
Analyze crime patterns in the city and classify neighbourhoods based on the patterns.Open Data
Rank wards in the city based on access to public amenities like parks, bus routes, police stations, fire stations, roads, population, schoolsOpen Data