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Conversational Marketing Automation

Role details
We are looking for a ‘Product Adoption & Customer Success Manager’ to join our growing team. As the Product Adoption & Customer Success Manager, this person will work very closely with the CEO of Insent. The key responsibility of this person will be to ensure product adoption by taking a proactive role, providing recommendations and solutions for our new and existing customer base. The ideal candidate will have a product manager within them that will drive a strong data oriented product adoption mindset.

Being a startup, the role comes with the opportunity to wear multiple hats. If you enjoy learning and want to become the next “jack of all trades” to increase your knowledge in ‘T Shape’, then this will be the right fit for you.

Role title
At Insent, we don’t get too picky over job titles. We can find one that makes you happy and one you can update on LinkedIn. We believe that the title after this one will be big – whether it is with us or some other company or your own. That’s what we care about.

Job Location
This is a remote role. We also offer the ability to work out of our India office (if you are in India) and are interested in working alongside our Tech team.

Expected Experience
2-5 years of experience in B2B product or customer success roles is strongly preferred
Strong Product and data mindset
Experience interacting with B2B customers
Experience interacting with customer at B2B SaaS company is preferred
In the past, the ideal candidate might have dealt with MixPanel, Amplitude, Pendo, FullStory, Google analytics, Heap analytics etc.
Knowledge about MarTech, SalesTech, Conversational Marketing and the existing tools in the space is a huge plus
Excellent communication & collaboration skills
Must be fluent in English (written and spoken)

We don’t expect you to have all these skills. But, if you have most of the experience and are smart and eager to learn the rest, we are happy to have you.

We don’t care if you have an undergraduate degree, a PhD or have backlogs. As long as you are good at what you do, that’s all we care about. However, we will encourage you to complete the degree if you are yet to. We don’t believe in a ‘drop out, startup’ messaging.

Expected Responsibilities
The expected responsibilities are, but not limited to:

Taking over the customer after the sales deal is closed and lead successful customer onboarding
Own the product usage tool/dashboard. Configure it further and understand product usage data
Provide ongoing and consistent suggestions/recommendations for customers
Develop strategic relationships with customers to increase customer satisfaction and retention
Own the Customer ticketing system and answer customer support queries
Own and hit the Customer Success KPIs (which are defined now, but you are free to change it)

We would love to let you do more. So, if you want to do more, let us know 🙂

Perks of working for Insent

Learn faster than 99% of the world – you will be able to articulate what you learned each week because you would learn a shit ton of things. If you are not learning, either you or we are doing something wrong. Here is how our CEO thinks about Learning in Startups – @Founders, Your Startup should be a ‘Knowledge Economy’. We believe this is the biggest perk and we want our team to think so as well.

Competitive salary – we will not pay you a ‘market’ salary. Please don’t apply if you are looking to get your usual 10-15% hikes. Having said that, we will pay you a competitive and fair salary that will keep you and your family happy.

Stock options – we have an employee stock option pool that we want to give to all of our early team members. We want this to be your company. Between the stock options and salary, we may even beat your current package though that is not always a promise.

Unlimited vacation, Work anytime from anywhere – We don’t care where you are, when you work, or when you take a vacation. As long as you are getting shit done. If you want to go backpacking, feel free! Just as long as you can log in for our sync ups, update our online collaboration tools and be available when needed. If you won’t be available, make sure you let us know.

Leadership opportunities – If you want to grow fast, hire your own team – be our guest. We will enable you to build an entire army of team members who can work with you. You will have to start at ground zero, but you can build at a rate that will only be limited by your ability to push the company growth.

Excited about this role? If you think you have what it takes to thrive in this role, we would love to hear from you.

About Insent
Insent is a B2B Conversational Marketing platform on a mission to enable marketers to engage with buyers in real-time, at the time of consideration. We are a US company founded by 2 seasoned entrepreneurs with deep expertise in the B2B MarTech space.

We are a Techstars’19 company, funded by Techstars and some really experienced/successful entrepreneurs. Our team is constantly growing, and we are looking to hire for several roles in the upcoming time.

We are an equal opportunity company and value diversity at our company. We would love to have you on our team and do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, color etc.

Job Features

Experience2-5 years
Emp. TypeFull Time
RoleProduct Adoption and Customer Success Manager

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