Guest Post: Weekend with Julia

This is a guest post by Aravind Baskaran, whose home ground is browsers & smartphones. He loves tinkering and tweaking with technology. He currently works at CloudPact building the Mowbly platform. Spending time with Julia made me realize that rabbits and foxes don’t like co-existing but still do it for the sake of world peace. She tinkers with numbers, predicts future and exaggerates the bad when I go wrong with […]

Event Report:Bangalore, June 8–9

June 8–9 was tinkering time with the first edition of Devthon in Bangalore in Microsoft Accelerator. Brilliant minds came together to explore and hack on data, photography, language processing, governance, hardware and more! Gokul who loves data, worked on scraping some off the Karnataka election results website and figuring out if the KJP + BJP union would have really enabled them to win in the recent elections. You can read […]

Exploration, Ideas & Innovation

There’s a very interesting story as to how the Global Positioning System came into existence. In 1957, when the Sputnik was launched, the Russians made it very easy to track it by installing a 20MHz transmitter into it. Two physicists at the Applied Physics Laboratory wanted to ‘geek out’ by monitoring the transmissions. While hacking around they realized that due to the frequency changes they could use Doppler effect to […]

Event Report: Hyderabad, March 30–31

The first Devthon edition was organized in Hyderabad on March 30–31. The 36-hour event was organized in a Hackspace sponsored by Azri Solutions. The invitees started arriving from 7am and check-in began. With more than 30 invitees ready, the discussion and hacking started at at 8.30am. The participants started giving brief introductions about their projects and those who were interested, could join. There was a constant buzz around and the […]

Why Devthon?

We have been cringing at the way hackathons are being conducted left right and center. Many of them are baits for hiring, others are aimed at mass manufacture of startups or product ideas. None of them focusing on the spirit of “hacking”, which has fundamentally to do with “fun & exploration”. Somewhere down the lane “hacking” has become synonymous with software but it is not ( Devthon is aimed at […]