0.5: Ideas driven to action and exploration

In this edition, we’ve started listing awesome hacks that have been driven into action. We discovered an amazing food place and arranged for the healthiest lunch and dinner. Hackers went artful & innovative with enamel paint. A few of them continued with the design of a legible bus route board. There was a beautiful midnight session by @novogeek on Typescript, a typed version of Javascript. All of us wished hard […]

Redesgining bookmarks for more than pages

Paperlux, a design studio in Hamburg, Germany is reinventing the bookmark as we know it. This redesign was made forArjo Wiggins, a company that produces paper products. Conventional bookmarks only allow you to mark a page of a book that you’re reading, but most often you have to browse through the page to get back to the line you were reading. These new bookmarks can also mark the lines where […]

Hack a Fabric into a women’s purse

Here’s something for fabric lovers to get started with their old denim or fabric which is difficult to throw away. You can turn any piece of cloth into utility as shown in this tutorial. The quick tutorial on wikiHow, is created by multiple collaborators and can be found here. There are also tips on how to make it look prettier. An interesting hack would be a men’s wallet using denim. […]

An Arduino based mini laser cutter

Here’s another gem for the hardware lovers to hack during a devthon. SilverJimny, from instructables, has gone on to create a tiny microcontroller-driven laser cutter using an Arduino UNO, a laser diode, drive and a few wires. In this project called a Microslice, SilverJimny used a larger 50W CO2 laser cutter to carve out pieces for the smaller one but this can also be fabricate using a lathe machine. The […]

A guide to Star Trek uniforms [Infographic]

Here’s something for the Star Trek fans. Costume Supercenter has created a guide to the uniforms of various Star Trek series and movies. Here’s the list: Star Trek: Enterprise Star Trek: Original Cast Original Cast: Movies The Next Generation The Next Generation: Movies Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: Voyager [via Visually] Originally Published on October 28, 2013

Dancing Drop: Oscillation of a water drop in an acoustic field

Water and sound are great friends as seen here in this project by two students who have created start patterns using a drop of water and ultrasonic acoustic field. The way water behaves in an acoustic field is not entirely new, as seen here. It is also known that water can be levitated using an ultrasonic transducer. In the following project, the drop was flattened into a levitating disc by […]

Featured Hack: A faster way to find stores in a shopping mall

Imran Parvez, a design hacker sparked off his idea at the 0.4 edition. His idea was to create a way to move around shopping malls while finding stores quicker. We’re somehow convinced that this problem statement came after Imran spent a day in the shopping mall with his girlfriend 😉 He wanted to be able to make something for shoppers to be able to navigate easily in a huge shopping mall, […]

An inexpensive way to make your smartphone into a 175x microscope

Instructable user Yoshinok has come up a brilliant hack to convert a smartphone into a powerful microscope using inexpensive material that can be purchased from a hardware store. This setup can be built using some bolts, nuts, washers, plywood and plexiglass. The most important material for this setup is the focus lens from a laser pointer that enables the magnification. The setup will be able magnify up to 175x which […]

Hacking as a tradition and for fun

One of the interesting traditions at MIT, that began in 1989, was clever, benign, and “ethical” pranks or practical jokes, which are both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the world. These pranks came to be known as hacks among the community. This new form of urban exploration or urban hacking, although not sanctioned by the university, was well received by everyone. It denotes that, as long as any […]

Using Interactive Visualizations to engage citizens with MPs

The getRTI project that aims to create an active space for citizen engagement, proposed a hack feature for the weekend during the 0.4 edition. The proposal was to create a better way to access information of Members of Parliament. Today, there is no easy way to access information of an MP. For example, a list maintained by the Parliament of India website forces citizens to search for their MP manually […]