Technologies that assist in better safeguarding communities

Last weekend, Safety Devthon’s prototype and build phase was hosted, with the support of Cyberabad Security Council and Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, to enable and facilitate solutions for safer communities and neighbourhoods.

Police officers also participated by assisting teams address pressing issues that first responders and citizens face in urban spaces and communities. They came together to provide insights and feedback to the participants.

AirCops brought in a lot of excitement with its potential. With a camera and GPS, it brings in the capability of monitoring incidents in remote areas for search and rescue operations and keeps itself safe through the innovative rib cage design, added with a low cost factor.

CopComm, built by Vivek and Charan, brings in a secure communication system for all police stations and on-field officers and constables to communicate with each other on incidents and updates.

Here are the top prototypes that showcased possibilities,

  • Adaptive Traffic — Low cost adaptive traffic control and density mapping
  • AirCops — Air surveillance for incident reporting and data to gather data for first response
  • CopComm — Secure internal communication channel for law enforcement officers
  • HarassReport — Bringing an end to harassment and sensitizing individuals about harassment
  • Challan Alert — Get notified when you receive a challan via email or SMS on time

Later, Mr. Kartikeya Sharma (IPS), DCP of Madhapur zone gathered insights of each prototype and also provided feedback on the current system and how it can be put to use.

The prototypes will continue to be built through our support. The proof of concept solutions will be showcased to the Cyberabad Commissioner C V Anand this weekend, to further decide how they can be integrated and piloted.

Originally Posted on November 10, 2016

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