A Timeline of Second Phase of the Bio Asia Devthon

Following up on our previous post about the immersion experience for our participants. The second phase was all about designing and brainstorming.

The second phase of the Bio Asia Devthon took place of the 17th of January. The purpose of the second phase was to fine tune the ideas generated from the immersion phase and to form teams to prepare for the prototype readiness.

A more than half-a-day’s affair, it was a lot of fun, loads of discussions and lots of ideas coming together. Here is a brief timeline.

9:30 AM: Dheeraj Batra from DLabs at ISB, started the session with a talk. He introduced the teams to the concept of Design Thinking here.

10:30 AM: Honey Bajaj, Human Factors Researcher at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, shared her journey with Embrace Innovations where they came up with a low-cost baby warmer. Via the story of her journey, she explained the process of Design Thinking.

11:15 AM: Honey Bajaj worked with the teams and introduced them to the process of “Brainstorming.” She got a few volunteers together and performed a speeded-up version of a regular brainstorming session.

11:45 AM: Dhruv Joshi from LVPEI, spoke to everyone about his and his team’s journey of innovation. Along with his team, he showcased their low-cost eye-testing device called the Pupil Hacker, which was a brainchild from the LV Prasad Innovation Centre.

12:30 PM: Dr. Anthony Vipin Das, co-curator of the Bio Asia Devthon, came in for a quick round of interaction. Since he had already been in touch with the participants, he got a quick update of the ideas they had come armed with. He also gave them a quick feedback, which would serve as an enabler for the next session.

1:00 PM: Dhruv Joshi, along with curator, Surya Rao, Managing Director, Technology Business Incubator@ BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, enabled the team building process by recording the skillset of every participant.

2:00 PM: Participants lined up for some general discussions, sharing of ideas and feedback from Dhruv, Surya and others in the room.

Highlights from the day:

The youngest participant is 16 and still in school!

A brilliant piece of advice to any innovator!

An introduction to design prototypes…

A Showcase of the Ideas:

1. Dexter — Physician Assistant

Problem: The ER doctor is faced with a huge task of managing a patient on emergency without the aid of previous case sheets available immediately. Also, the currently existing EMRs (Patient Management Systems) collect and transmit data for future use.

Solution: A mobile app which would work on top of the EMRs and behave like a digital case sheet, in order to reduce medical errors and manage cross consultations or ER situations

2. On-Spot Diagnosis of Muscle and Bone Injury

Problem: Whenever there is a sudden injury of the bone or the muscle, we have absolutely no idea and tend to ignore it unless the pain in unbearable.

Solution: A device, which would diagnose muscle or bone injuries as and when it happens, enabling immediate medical attention and better treatment.

3. Geospatial Web-based Healthcare Monitoring System

Problem: There are several environmental factors that affect ones health. However, there is no means to track this and assess outbreaks or epidemics.

Solution: A GIS and related spatial analysis system which provides a set of tools to understand the changing spatial organization of health care, and to examine its relationship to health outcomes; thereby assessing how to improve healthcare delivery.

You will find the complete list of ideas generated as part of the Bio Asia Devthon here.

We thank Ramesh Loganathan and Progress Software for providing support for the venue.

Originally Published on January 23, 2015

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