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This guest post is by Febin John James. He is currently working on his startup Boutline where he is the Director & Co-Founder.

You and hackathons?

I love hackathons. I have been to many hackathons in Bangalore. I am always on the lookout for something to try new things and meet new people. But, for the first time I saw something different in one of the portals. It was called Devthon. Since the venue was Microsoft Accelerator, one my favorite venues, I chose to attend it.

Hackathon & Devthon are both the same right?

Well my answer is hell no. Devthon is a completely different platform. What happens in a hackathon is that everyone will be competing with each other. Everyone’s eye will be on prizes. They can’t afford to spend time with each other. All of them are scared to be open with the fellow hackers and have to focus on ‘winning the competition’. And all of this often means that you won’t have many takeaways from the hackathon, except for the prize, if you win that is. You hardly get to acquire new skills or learn new things. Most of the time you and your team will have to hack by yourselves. If you are stuck somewhere there is hardly anyone to facilitate or help. What actually happens at the end is your hack dies out, you are discouraged or pivot due to a hurdle. Or, on the optimistic side, you may you win the prize. But most of the hackers don’t carry their ideas forward.

What is Devthon then?

Devthon is where all the innovation happens, a platform to see your ideas come to life! No judging, no prizes, no closed discussions, not a place to be hacking for a temporary gift. This is a place where individuals innovate to create something. People share their ideas with each other. They interact and collaborate. They work on design, technology and different platforms. They hack on Leap Motion, Raspberry Pi and all the cool stuff and share it with each other. This is the kind of place where you learn a lot. Trust me it’s so much of fun.

What did I do in the first edition of Devthon Bangalore?

I was working on a SIRI-like platform which would help you book tickets and get targeted information in a natural way. Here, I got to know about new platforms which I hardly heard about before. I got to try the Leap Motion device. I had my hands on a Raspberry Pi for the first time. This is where I was introduced to a new set of possibilities. I got to know more about image processing, data visualisations, data analytics, cross platform app development and hell lot of awesome things. Which later helped in many ways. This was more than 10 times the knowledge and experience I ever gathered through all the hackathons I ever attended. Going home with lot of memories of the time you spend with a group of geeks under a roof for 2 days is such an amazing thing

Most importantly, I got to work with amazing people and made a bunch of friends. Here I met Andrew Missingham, who was facilitating Devthon, who also later taught me the empathy mapping tool which I now regularly use for my startup.

I am eagerly looking forward to all the innovation in the next edition in Bangalore.

The true innovation and fun is out here. Come and experience it!

Originally Posted on February 4, 2014

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