Movies, Books and Breaking Bad in Devthon@EFLU

Deriving from the innovation culture of Devthon, students of the Computational Linguistics department were part of the Devthon@Campus edition in Hyderabad, India hosted by the department from the English and Foreign Languages University. A diverse mix of brilliant minds congregated on February 1st to solve problem statements that were discussed through the week.

It started with Indranil introducing the format, followed by Sugandh giving a primer on NLP and introducing the possibilities through examples and applications.

The edition brought the students out of the classroom scenario and enabled them to collaborate with other hackers.

It was hands-on with the hackers grouping into teams and working on their ideas. The hackers noted challenges and questions in an etherpad and continued to discuss them.

The teams continued with their ideas by segregating into sub teams and through divide & conquer.

During lunch time, everybody still continued to brainstorm & implement the hacks. We spent a good 10 minutes trying to get them to eat!

And finally there was a checkpoint demo. This wasn’t the end of the action. The edition was only the beginning of NLP hacks for the students at EFLU.

The edition ended with a kickass presentation from the team that used NLP to analyze proper nouns from the Breaking Bad series.

NLP + Python + Breaking Bad = Awesome stuff

Here is a gist of two of the projects,

Calculate mostly frequently occuring words (including their synonyms) (gist)

Prints proper noun distribution from files in a directory aka Breaking Bad proper noun extractor (gist)

Many thanks to the Python hackers who worked with NLP folks from EFLU to churn out the action! A great show indeed.

Here is the complete photo set:

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Originally Posted on February 1, 2014

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