10 lessons on ideas & innovation through Guy Kawasaki’s Q&A

About an hour back, Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley author, speaker, investor and business advisor, announced a Q&A on his Facebook account.

The session brings in a lot of lessons for young hackers to pursue innovation. Here are 10 lessons we derived, along with links to each learning. Kindly note each link leads to the same Q&A session but a different question.

  1. Innovation is creating things before people ask them
  2. People remember you with what you’ve done and that’s motivation enough to work hard
  3. Quality is the most important thing in a product
  4. Practice brings you the best
  5. It’s obvious that one must follow their dreams
  6. You can innovate in any part of the world
  7. A brand is achieved when you make good things
  8. The best advice you can get for anything is by doing it
  9. Innovation happens through collaboration and constant feedback
  10. Building ideas is a constant process and happens through exploration

And here’s a bonus — Spark your ideas to action!

Originally Posted on January 27, 2014

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