0.5: Ideas driven to action and exploration

In this edition, we’ve started listing awesome hacks that have been driven into action. We discovered an amazing food place and arranged for the healthiest lunch and dinner.

Hackers went artful & innovative with enamel paint.

A few of them continued with the design of a legible bus route board.

There was a beautiful midnight session by @novogeek on Typescript, a typed version of Javascript.

All of us wished hard that someone could do a session on Raspberry Pi (let us know if you’re interested to do one).

With the onset of winter, hackers kept themselves warm with a lot Table Tennis.

While some of them preferred to continue hacking to resolve issues and join later.

And a few others preferred to sit outside and hack faster before it gets cold.

Gabriel Odin, who works with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Bordeaux Urban Community, was shared his experience on his work that involves dealing with the urban administration and the challenges involved.

The edition ended with a brilliant end as a forum of discussion on the hacks and how they can be extended.

This edition saw most engagement amongst all. Thanks to the supporters Azri and PurpleTalk.

Check out more photos here.

If you missed out on this edition, RSVP here for the next one which will be the special edition, 6th since the launch.

Originally Published on November 19, 2013

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