Tinkering and Innovation at 0.3

August 10 and 11 was a creation weekend in Hyderabad where hackers with ideas came down to collaborate and get their ideas into execution mode.

In this edition, we arranged for expert talks by introducing Karthi Subbaraman, a Design Thinker, who shared her experiences on Design thinking & innovation, through an example.

Our expert facilitators, Tulsi Dharmarajan, UX specialist and Adi Narayana Vemuru, lean product guy, continued to assist the hackers to bring ideas to execution.

The getRTI project moved forward exponentially. With the visitor graph shooting up and a good press coverage, Kevin and Harish had to hack faster to get the initial version up and running as quick as possible.

In the end, Kevin had a music overdose. Harish badly needed a beer. But it was all worth it.

Irfan, Sujeath and Rohit wanted to simulate traffic in the city to assist in solutions to improve lives of commuters. They ran into a left-right conundrum with their simulation tool that was for left handed driving. They were later joined by Aravind, a regular hacker at Devthon, sleep deprived from two days of hacking at work, could not resist joining them in the noon.

Bipin, an active member of the Null community in Hyderabad came up with Chaakri. The spark came with other hackers collaborating on this hack. Tulsi, our expert facilitator tinkered around a clean UI for the portal.

Kaushik started working on a logo. He got a lot of feedback, the most voted one, to drop the tie! 😉

Nisar and Bipin got down to hacking and getting the portal up and running for more features to be added.

There was a sudden rise in the code check-ins for Chaakri at Devthon with tinkerers coming together to contribute to the project.

Sumanta and Ram proposed and worked on a Learning Management System called the Explero, They were able to get things moving with expert facilitators and were able to get a good feedback on what the expectations would be from their system.

Nikhil, a concept designer, sat silently tucked away in one corner, working on designs for a transport vehicle that is based on balancing itself to prevent from falling down. He came up with rough sketches over two days and started the design after feedback from other hackers.

Brilliant minds, expert facilitators, good food, coke, coffee and an awesome 8-player Android game called the Chain Reaction kept us going throughout.

Hackers from all editions will be joining us in a Hangout at 11.00 AM this Saturday. More information will be posted to you over email if you are part of the hacker revolution. Sign up here

The registrations for the next edition are up. Bring in your ideas, work on existing ones, create what you love the most — You can grab the ticket right here.

Originally Published on August 22, 2013

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