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There’s a very interesting story as to how the Global Positioning System came into existence. In 1957, when the Sputnik was launched, the Russians made it very easy to track it by installing a 20MHz transmitter into it. Two physicists at the Applied Physics Laboratory wanted to ‘geek out’ by monitoring the transmissions. While hacking around they realized that due to the frequency changes they could use Doppler effect to accurately pinpoint the location of the satellite. Few months later, the deputy director of the APL comes across and asks if they can figure out a solution for the reverse problem — to find out the precise location of a user given the location of the satellite. And voila! The early predecessor of the GPS as we know it today, was born. All of this came out of two curious minds which wanted to work on a side project. Two people who loved exploring and messing around with technology. In his TED talk, Steven Johnson, talks more about this and where good ideas come from.

Most of the interesting innovations are ideas thrown back and forth like atoms in a container until it attains critical energy. You can relate to how most of the entrepreneurial community suggests that one must take an idea out of the secret and work on it to get it evaluated better. An idea connected is valued more than an idea protected.

An initiative that runs on these idea bubble principles. “I’d like to build a quadcopter using a Raspberry Pi” — “How aboutvisualizations from government data?” — “Let’s build this sign language gesture recognition using Leap Motion!” — “let’s hack together to come out with a prototype!” — Devthon is a space for funneling ideas and enabling exploration, conversations and, most importantly actions, among the brilliant minds. A constant cycle of feedback leads to innovations with circles of thought, questioning, execution & feedback.

The latest edition is being hosted in Bangalore at the Microsoft Accelerator, an amazing place to hang out, explore your ideas and work on that project that you’ve always wanted to kick start. You can bring in your hobby project, an idea or simply explore a framework or a concept. At the end of the day, your exploration/hack must be shared with others. This space also encourages startups and younger companies. Remember, verbs are more exciting that nouns.

There is no judging and there are no limits to what you can use or what you can work on, just ensure that you get the copyrights right. Please go ahead, register and tell your friends!

You can create something awesome,

find someone who loves emacs,

or have a gala time meeting new people & exploring ideas. There’s going to be awesome food too.

The first five registrants for the Hacker edition of tickets (starts June 1)will receive 10% using the discount code: READER

Originally Published on May 30, 2013

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