Event Report:Bangalore, June 8–9

June 8–9 was tinkering time with the first edition of Devthon in Bangalore in Microsoft Accelerator. Brilliant minds came together to explore and hack on data, photography, language processing, governance, hardware and more!

Gokul who loves data, worked on scraping some off the Karnataka election results website and figuring out if the KJP + BJP union would have really enabled them to win in the recent elections. You can read more about it, here. You can find the visualizations, here. `

Aditya Kolli, who worked on the oscar-winning Life Of Pi, and Bibek Padhy who loves algorithms worked on eliminating motion from a photograph. They figured the process and a newer algorithm to avoid loss.

Aditya also showcased the trailer of the new movie he worked on, R.I.P.D. He told about the painstaking 25-week manual process to remove wires and rigs in a shot of 10 seconds.

Justin, who loves hacking in hardware worked on exploring the Raspberry Pi board along with his mbed. He also learnt about the possibilities of integrating the mbed with a smartphone.

Andrew Missingham, a creative consultant who is part of the Girl Effect project by Nike Foundation was the special guest for the evening on Day 2. He spent time with all the tinkerers and spoke to them about about he thought process to bring ideas to life and assisted some of the teams in the ideas.

Aravind Baskaran burned the midnight oil exploring Julia and understanding how mathematical models can be modelled and solved using it, with examples like Apollo module trajectory. Chakrapani meanwhile continued the sign language gesture recognition from the 0.1 edition.

Other highlights:

  • Febin John James worked on creating a smart visual search interface with search APIs
  • Bipin Upadhyay explored the Yii framework to build an open source job board
  • Mohanram G and his team started off their Community Grievances Redressal System

All the hackers left home, but not without taking home their excitement on the exploration. To continue the spirit of exploration and inculcate a habit of tinkering, a forum has been created which you can join, to discuss more, on the ideas for future editions. You can join it, here.

We thank Mowbly and Azri Solutions for supporting this edition.

The next edition is already being planned in Hyderabad. Keep looking out our page or timeline for more information.

Originally Published on June 21, 2013

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