BioAsia Healthcare Devthon


The BioAsia Healthcare Devthon will bring together India’s best and brightest healthcare experts, doctors, designers, engineers, technologists and developers to design and rapidly prototype technologies and solutions relevant to the life sciences and healthcare fields. Participants will go through site visits and co-creation experience working with domain experts from healthcare industry to solve pain points and pressing challenges being faced by Indian healthcare ecosystem.
At the end of the 4-phased event, participants will create prototypes to that address unmet needs and are positioned to be rapidly adopted by end-users.


Immersion phase | January 10, 2015

Participants understand challenges, meet collaborators and form teams

9.30am  Participants report and check-in
10.00am Introductions and scope
10.15am Tour of the hospitals
11.45am Interaction with healthcare professionals
1.00pm  Lunch
1.45pm  Participants gather and drill down challenge areas
2.30pm  Closing and next steps
Ideation & Design phase | January 17, 2015*
Ideas and learnings from immersion are channeled into problem statements and potential solutions are designed
9.30am Participants report and check-in
10.00am Finding issues and uncovering ideas
11.00am Storyboarding solutions
12.00pm Prototyping on paper
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Closing and next steps
*Tentative schedule to be extended to a day
Prototyping Phase | January 24-25, 2015
Solutions for identified challenges are built using hardware, software and any other resource. No limitation on technology.
January 24, 2015
8.30am Participant Check-in and breakfast
9.00am Introduction and Guidelines
9.30am Challenges are pitched & collaborators are invited to join
10.15am Prototype Resources room open
10.30am Teams start work on prototypes
13.30pm Lunch
16.00pm Checkpoint 1 – Teams update the challenge they are working on
16.30pm Tea
16.45pm Teams continue working
20.30pm Dinner
20.30pm Teams continue working through the night
January 25, 2015
8.00am Breakfast
10.00am Checkpoint 2 – Teams update on hurdles they’re facing
13.00pm Lunch
14.30pm Presentations and Judging begins
16.30pm Final prototypes for the BioAsia showcase is announced
16.45pm Further steps with teams of top prototypes
17.00pm Closing


Areas Of Focus

  • Digital Health and Healthcare IT
  • Medical Electronics and Devices
  • Rapid Diagnostics

Sample Challenges

  • Telemedicine models
  • Patient compliance monitoring (TB, etc)
  • App-enabled support groups for chronic conditions (diabetes, heart conditions)
  • Innovations in patient data portability and retrieval
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Cell-phone based diagnostics
  • Appointment scheduling and doctor referrals
  • Low cost, robust medical and diagnostic devices that can function in resource-poor settings
  • more